Visual Reflections

As the season nears an end, I thought I would share some moments from the farm from throughout this spring and summer. It has been a beautiful place to witness the seasons change, and see the farm change with them. I had a fun time going through all of my photos.

Full moons have come and gone. This September’s moon was hangin high over the nearby mountainside well into the morning harvest.

Little Ray just a few weeks old climbing his first tree! He is much taller and fatter now, and doing well! He’ll be another happy Horton farm cat here.

The fields next to Greenhouse 2 are empty in the spring and awaiting plant-out!

Greenhouse tomatoes in their adolescent weeks. These babies are still lively and producing fruits.

I love the look of a portion of field a couple weeks after it is planted. So colorful. These head lettuces may be the very ones the ended up in your July salads!

Garlic on garlic on even more garlic curing in the greenhouse after a big harvest this summer.

Finishing up an afternoon of canning veggies at the outdoor zendo kitchen just before sunset.

This picture does not do justice to the heaps and heaps of wild blackberries we had on the farm in the late summer. It was amazing.

Greenhouse cukes in their prime. Wow, I forgot how green they were! It still amazes me how many cucumber fruits those plants can make.

The scene of Greenhouse 1 for the majority of the season. Instead of flats of germinating plants, this is now filled with cured onions and shallots.

These onions and shallots.

Empty Field Buddha hanging out after the last heavy rain of the spring. We all very much enjoyed this space throughout the season.

And that’s a wrap!


Thanks for a wonderful season folks!