Turning the Wheel

With all this rain and mud clubs for feet, my mind has been traveling back in time to our first couple of weeks here at Horton Road. The fields were practically flooded and the paths were tall with grass. Our kitchen was the only place with some amount of warmth and our days started late (9 AM that is). Our eyes were filled with newness and our minds hungry for knowledge. The birds sang long into the morning and the summer solstice was upon us. All of these things feel as if they were yesterday. Now the fields are swallowed in produce and the paths are worn and beaten. The kitchen is the coolest place on the farm, in my opinion, and our days started as the sun rises. Our eyes could be closed as we move though work for our muscles know the movements and patterns. The birds have long passed and now we watch the leaves fall from the ash trees. Colors are changing and we are too.

I remember my first week here and all of us apprentices sitting in the kitchen with Bill. So vividly do I remember him saying, “It all goes by in a blink, so absorb as much of it as you can.” My reaction was disbelief. But now I write to all of you in the longing for longer moments here or to hear the birds sing their spring songs again. I don’t believe I would change anything that has happened, but as this time here comes to a close, part of me wishes to relive it again.


Erika Vu

A young woman, from Bend, Oregon, who is changing and growing with the seasons.

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