Summer’s End Leads to Fall’s Beginnings

As much as summer is near and dear to my heart, there is something peaceful about the coming of fall. Everything begins to change .When I was living in California I never really felt that, recently, they have not had full seasons. It all stayed slightly warm and all the plants turn from a dry cold to a slightly damp brown. On the farm I am getting a beautiful taste of the beginnings of fall.


Granted the mornings may be a bit chilly to me, they are surely breathtaking. As I am harvesting the salad or spinach that’s close to the tree line I take a moment to look up and admire the bright vivid colors of the leaves against the dark and cool background. It makes me think about how the farm is changing. The soil still keeps its warmth while the brisk air chills the leaves and leaves it mark of frost. The summer and heat loving crops that were once lively and standing tall start to give way to the rest that is promised. Other crops thrive and take advantage of the cooler days and the cover crops get to join in on the farm.

Seeing all of this change happen right in front of me doesn’t make me sad to see all of it go, it exhilarates me for what is to come.  Pumpkins, winter squash, soups, stews, apples and pears!

The farm work slows down, just a little bit, and clean up for next season ensues. Green houses get cleaned out for the next spring crops, soil mixes get made and stored, the beds are laid to rest up during winter before they have to wake up again.

Most of all fall reminds me that change isn’t always a thing to fear; moving out on my own was a big risk. I left my friends and family behind in California and I miss them dearly, but I have been embracing the new friends that I have made here! Fall just lets you know that it’s okay to slow down, take in the beauty of the scenery around you and appreciate what the bounty of summer has given you.



Heather is from California and moved to Oregon to experience the life of a farmer. She is enjoying apprenticing at Horton Road Organics and getting her hands dirty and full of vegetables! During her down time she like to hang out with her cat or ride her horse. She’s excited to see what other opportunities come her way this year!