Spring Farm Update

Hello friends,

Our 2021 farm season is underway! This spring has felt different so far as we have been experiencing much drier conditions than what we are used to at this time of year.  Continued dry conditions may present more obstacles when we enter the hottest and driest parts of the summer. We rely on water from the nearby creek for our irrigation and need the rain (and snow melt) to replenish our local water sources and keep the creek flowing at an optimal level. Our water rights allow us to pull water from the creek, but in times of extreme drought and very low water levels, it is possible that we would be required to stop irrigating. A tough thing to do when crops are relying on water for their continued care.

We are not in a danger zone yet. And as we do each year, we’ll be keeping an eye on the local rainfall and hoping that the we get consistent spring rains. Farmers all over the area have worked through very dry conditions before and we’ll continue to manage our operations to maintain the best possible care of our crops.

The bonus from the warm temps is that the veggies are popping in the field. We anticipate that quite a few of our crops will be ready earlier than during an average year. Right now, we are harvesting salad mix, spinach and radishes.  Our lettuce, kale and chard will be ready soon too.

We have been at the Lane County Farmers Market on Saturdays (9am-3pm) since the beginning of April.  This year, the market is in a new temporary location on 5th street at the intersection of 5th & Pearl.  The site at 8th & Oak in downtown Eugene is being renovated in order to build a permanent indoor facility for the farmers market. The market will move back there for the 2022 season. The Tuesday Farmers Market has started as well. Come see us on Tuesdays (10am-3pm) at the usual location at 8th & Oak.

At the beginning of May, we welcomed our new apprentices to the farm. It is always exciting to have the new crew here as they bring new energy and enthusiasm to the farm. Welcome Ali, Emily, Ethan, Hannah and Valentina to Horton Road – thanks for jumping right in and getting your hands in the soil!

Thank you for supporting Horton Road Organics. Cheers to a smooth and productive 2022!! ~ Lisa

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