Late September

Hello all!

So far, September has been a beautiful month here on the farm. Our harvest has shifted a bit as the seasons change and summer makes way for fall. Certain crops are no longer bearing fruit, new crops are ready that weren’t before, and we are still waiting on some storage crops, like squash. This is my favorite time of year; I love the way the light changes with the leaves and the feeling on the wind. We have spent much of September in rain gear, and though water falling from the sky is an incredible gift, today it is sunny and warm and I feel grateful for that.

For much of my life I have kept a watchful and loving eye on the moon, each phase filling me with lessons and ancient memory. Each full moon is special to me, but this September full moon, the Harvest Moon, that we had on the 13th, was especially dear to me, for all day, I harvested. My wish is that these words remind you of the circular way of the Earth and her seasons, and that you feel a love for this planet and all of the friends we have here: the wind, the rain, the moon, the harvest.




Lily Hanson is an apprentice this year at Horton Road. She was born and raised in Bend, OR and enjoys expressing herself through art. When she isn’t at the farm it is likely you will find her by the river with her guitar.

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