Late July on Horton Road

Hello Friends!

It has been a busy week here on the farm with lots of new crops to harvest, days full of work, and evenings full of deep rest. Yesterday we harvested garlic which last year’s apprentices planted in the fall. It was probably one of my favorite farm moments thus far. I love to harvest (and eat) any sort of root. Something about the process of unearthing, of hands covered in dirt makes me feel so whole and real. there is magic in holding a mature crop in your hands after trusting the earth with a seed, giving water and time, trusting the sun with his light, and the moon with her night. It is so beautiful and so right. Farming as a daily ritual has given me the space keenly observe the many cycles of life within me and without me. The moon has been rising later into the night, and I see her through my window when I open my eyes with the sunrise, when just last week she was singing me to sleep every eve. The butterflies I see have changed, more little white ones these days. We move around the farm day to day in a sort of dance listening to the call of the crops who are ripe and ready to reap. Here in this quiet place, I get the chance to observe the way things change- constantly. Somehow slowly and rapidly all at once. As the plants grow, I grow. As the moon wanes and sheds her skin, so do I in my own way. As each new day breaks, and the sun rises to touch the plants, so do I. I am grateful.


Lily Hanson is an apprentice this season at Horton Road Organics. She was born and raised in Bend Oregon. She loves to express herself through art. When she isn’t working it’s likely you will find her by the creek with her guitar.

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