Lasting Impressions

For my last blog post, I decided it was time to interview the 4 people that were strangers to me just 6 months ago.  I’ll spare the cheesiness, but diving into a venture like the one we are just about to finish up is definitely challenging.  We all came to a new place to live in a barn and work outside and learn how to organically farm with a bunch of strangers.  Although stressful at times of course, my experience at Horton Road Organics has far exceeded my expectations.  Along with a million others, one reason was because I have gained 4 wonderful new friends, who probably know way more about me than they ever cared to know, and our crazy (to put it lightly) times together.

What has been your favorite vegetable to harvest? 

Reiden: Cilantro.  I love the smell and the taste, and since we cut the cilantro under the soil, I find it a fun challenge to cut the bunches in just the right spot.

Laura: Lettuce, celery, and green onions.

Heather: Tomatoes.

Derek: Peppers.

What has been your favorite vegetable to eat?

R: Well since I’m addicted and most meals I eat require it as a topping, cilantro, but also gypsy peppers, basil, and eggplant… and leeks.

L: I have a couple; spinach, broccolini, peppers, sugar snap peas, and potatoes.

H: Tomatoes.

D: Peppers, onions, and spinach.

What was your favorite farm activity?

R: Weed whacking was fun but short-lived, and I enjoyed stand-up hoeing.

L: Washing salad, stand-up hoeing, harvesting lettuce, and helping customers at the farmers markets.

H: Either washing in the packout or harvesting.

D: Harvesting and I grew to like digging the beds in the greenhouses.

What is your favorite memory from the past 6 months?

R: The Friday night that we (the apprentices) shared our astrological charts with each other and played Cards Against Humanity.  And when little Rae Rae came to live with us.

L: When Derek, Heather, and I went to find the entrance to the creek across the street, and kicking back with a brewski in the barn.

H: Mostly when we were cultivating or doing projects as a crew, and also harvesting the pumpkins was really fun.

D: Looking up at the stars during the new moon in August.

Can you sum up your overall experience and takeaways from working at Horton Road Organics?

R: Living in a barn with 5 people was fun and an experience I’ll always remember.  I appreciate the opportunity to be in charge of working the Thursday farmers market because it has helped influence what I’ll be doing with my future farming.

L: I’m thankful for the opportunity to work outside in such a beautiful place and to be active every day, which I hope to continue.  A takeaway would be a greater sense of confidence to keep trying new things and to be myself around people.

H: It has been exhausting physically, but I’ve learned a lot about what I’m willing to do and not willing to do in the future.

D: I had a fulfilling and adventurous summer, and I made a lot of deep friendships.  I also decided that I want to continue working outside as often as I can.