Fully Autumnal

It’s no accident that the last 3 posts by the other apprentices have all been about the fall or the season ending. I think we’ve had this collective feeling like we’d just go on as we are for the foreseeable future. But as has been remarked, it turns out 6 months goes fast.
This is the longest i’ve been in one place since I left my apartment in New York in April 2018. This is the longest i have worked at the same place, with basically the same schedule week to week, since my first regional theatre job after college in 2009. The part of me that has been freelancing and traveling forever is restless. The part of me that wishes to be a homebody is anxious for the change that is coming.

Watching the leaves fall, seeing the sunrise come later and later, these are concrete examples that fall has come, and that we’ll all be leaving this farm soon.

Today, as my hands went numb during harvest, it was impossible to deny that the seasonal change and all the changes that come with it are HERE.

Taken at 6:46 am a week and a half ago. To think that we started work at 6:30 for most of the season!

I follow the news pretty closely, and I am currently reading The Uninhabitable Earth. So climate change is very much on my mind. Today it occurred to me for the first time, I think i have to take the realities of climate change into direct and not just abstract consideration when i figure out what i want to do next. (abstract consideration: do i want to be in the east where flooding is getting worse, or the west where fires are getting worse? direct consideration: how can I actively and positively affect change?) If you have suggestions, i am open to your advice!

But in the meantime, I will keep harvesting each morning and try to cherish these precious fall days.

Our Autumn Beauty sunflowers, and leaves starting to change on the trees

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