From the beginning

The first morning after we apprentices arrived on the farm, I woke up to clouds on the mountains that surround us, and a temporary pond out in front of the barn.

The pond has since dried up, but we still begin most days with clouds and mist. Though at this point, we usually are in full sun by 8:30 am.

There are small things that fill me with wonder each day, and I cherish these moments. Oregon and farming are both quite new to me, and I’m excited to be excited.

After spending some time in the sowing shed, my hands sparkle from the vermiculite that we put in our potting mix.

Rainbows are apparently a normal thing in Oregon in the spring. But for me, each one is a wonder. Particularly this double rainbow after a day of rain a couple weeks ago.


What’s this? you ask. Well, I am a novice to farming, and also have never had a garden before. So what you see here is the very first plants that I have ever grown from seed, sprouting. Each day, I go into the greenhouse, and wonder at their growth. How is it so fast and so slow? will I ever get fruit from these plants? will I mind? it’s a joy to watch them grow.

It’s a joy to watch the farm’s plants grow too. It feels like a long time ago that we planted these kale and lettuce, but it’s only been a little over a month, and they’ve gotten so big!

I may not know yet what I want my future in farming to look like, but experiencing the day to day of living on a farm and watching plants grow is all I hoped it would be.



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