Thank you for your interest in working at our farmers market stands! We are looking for a few new people to join us in 2022.

We attend the Lane County Farmers Market on Tuesday and Saturdays and the Amazon Community Market on Thursdays. More details here.

Market Staff Application

Have you been fully vaccinated (two or more shots) against Covid-19?
There are physical elements to the job. Please select all that apply to you.
This can be a fast-paced job that requires quick thinking and attention to detail. Please select all that apply to you. I am able to. . .
Scheduling and Availability. Please check all that apply to you.
More info: We build our market schedules one month at a time. Staff provide their availability before the schedules are made. Saturdays are our busiest market day and we typically have 5-6 people working. Consistency is helpful, so we are ideally looking for helpers who would be available 3+ Saturdays per month. Saturdays are broken into 2 shifts – staff work from Open-1pm or 10am-Close. Sometimes we have a middle shift from 9am-1pm. The meeting time for opening varies from 6am-7am, depending on the time of the season. Closers are usually done between 4pm-4:30pm. Everyone takes a 20-30 minute break during their shift; times vary based on how busy the stand is, assigned by manager. Staff meet at the market site, not at the farm.