Farewell Class of 2019

Well, we are at the end of another great season. As we pull the final crops out of the frosty ground we reminisce about the big-belly laughs, cooking experiments, and hard work that goes into a summer of farming. Earlier this week I heard one of the apprentices say “wow, I can’t believe we did all that!” And we did so much! Each of the items in the CSA boxes and at farmers market passed through our hands while sowing seeds, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and carefully delivering to Eugene. We couldn’t have done it without the steadfast Bill and Debra, the energetic Lisa, or the diligent, hardworking, curious crew of apprentices: Amanda, Erika, Lily, and Matthew.


It was amazing to see the apprentices grow over the five and a half months they were here at Horton Road. It’s a steep learning curve – they are expected to dive in and get dirty from day one. They each took on their jobs and responsibilities with grace and determination. Through the heat of summer, rainy September days, and below-freezing morning of October, the crew was present through every moment.


You may have noticed, as we did on the farm, that this summer felt different than years past. The heavy rains in March and April meant that we didn’t break out into field work until much later than planned. And while we had some hot days, there were more overcast days with drizzles (is it mist or fog or precipitation?!). Some of our crops, like celery and spinach, love the cooler, wetter weather. But others, like tomatoes and peppers, really need that heat and UV light to sweeten up. Change is hard for everyone, especiallyfarmers. What we can do is be adaptive and hope that y’all enjoy eating our produce as much as we love growing it!


Thank you for a great year and we hope to see you in 2020!


Assistant Manager 2019


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