CSA Week #18


What’s in Box #18?

Little Gem Lettuce: These tasty heirloom greens are favored by chefs and foodies.  Cut each head in half for a wedge salad or use the leaves on sandwiches, burgers, etc.

Gypsy Peppers:  We still have lots of these sweet peppers. You can eat them raw or roast them to use in your favorite hot dishes. Yummy when sauteed.

Celery:  Tango variety. Ribs and leaves can be used to make soup and/or stock. For best storage, keep the whole head in a plastic bag or cut the ribs and soak them in a bowl of water in the fridge.

Kale: Red Russian variety. These greens get sweeter as the temps get cooler. Cook these greens on their own or add them to soups and casseroles. They are a very good keeper.

Garlic: Music variety.  Easy to peel with great flavor. These have been cured, so feel free to keep them on your kitchen counter.

Beets: Red Ace variety. Roast these to bring out the sugars. No need to peel. These will last for months in the fridge in a plastic bag with a little moisture.

Leeks: Megaton variety. The first of the season. Most people use the white part the same way they would use an onion. The green leaves are tougher but are great for making stock.

Potatoes: Time for potato leek soup? Our potatoes have been cured for long-term storage and have not yet been washed. Keep them in a cool, dry, dark place.


Tarragon Chicken Breasts with Buttered Leeks
Source: The Herbal Kitchen (Jerry Traunfeld)
4 servings

This recipe mentions that other herbs can be substituted for tarragon. For example: marjoram, dill, or parsley. I’ve tried it separately with tarragon and with dill. Both had completely different flavors and I can’t decide which one I like better. In my opinion they are both delicious. –Reiden

2 cups thinly sliced leeks, white and light green parts only (1 large or 2 small)
2 cups chicken broth
4 T unsalted butter
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1.5 lbs)
2 t lemon juice
2 T coarsely chopped tarragon
salt & pepper

Put the leeks in a large skillet with the chicken broth and 2 T of the butter. Cook them at a gentle boil over medium heat until they are tender and the broth has boiled down far enough that the leeks are no longer completely submerged. This should take about 8 minutes.

Sprinkle both sides of the chicken breasts with salt & pepper. Place them on top of the simmering leeks, spoon some of the leeks over the chicken and cover the pan tightly. Reduce heat to low. In 10 minutes test the chicken for doneness (firm to the touch and no sign of internal translucence). Large pieces could take 15 minutes, but don’t overcook them.

When the chicken is done lift the pieces from the leeks and put them on a warm platter. Increase the heat under the leeks to high and stir the lemon juice, the remaining 2 T butter, and the tarragon. When the butter melts, taste the sauce and add salt and pepper. Pour the leek sauce over the chicken and serve.

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Creamy Dairy-Free Potato Soup with Kale

6 servings


Potato soup is a staple in my diet. I love the fact that you can eat it as is or add in any other vegetable you’re craving. Potato soup is also a great way to sneak in some greens. If you’re feeding picky eaters, chop the greens up small, toss them in the soup and violá, a tasty serving of greens! ~ Taylor