Common questions about the CSA program

Where do we pick up our boxes?

Boxes are available for pickup during specific hours (generally between 4 and 8 PM) on Thursday. They are delivered to various drop spots in Eugene listed on our registration form. Forgotten boxes are removed from the site and sent for donation afterhours, so please make sure your schedule allows for you to get your boxes!

What if I go on vacation?

Members have the option of donating their boxes when they’re away on vacation to friends or others in need. Because members generally receive much more than the value of their share cost, missing a box or two doesn’t diminish the overall investment of your membership.

What if it’s too much food?

It’s unlikely you’ll use everything every week – so it’s good to plan to have an outlet for any excess. Many of our crops store for a long time, so knowing what to eat sooner than later is part of the art of being a CSA member.

What if I’m not a very good cook?

Not to worry. Many members report improving their culinary skills as a result of receiving weekly boxes. The key to good cooking is great ingredients! Weekly emails offer new and simple suggestions on how to work with the week’s fare. The internet is also an excellent source of recipes. For new members, highly recommended is our favorite primer on cooking with vegetables – Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. We also maintain a list of our own favorite recipes.

Do you have financial assistance?

Every year we solicit member donations to subsidize several member shares. We call this our LIFE fund (Low Income Fund Edible) and can often reduce several shares by 20 – 40% depending upon this year’s donations. If you need assistance, feel free to request this on our registration form and we will get back to you regarding the current year’s fundraising.