Frost on Horton Road

October, on Horton Road, has been closely related to the shortening days and cold nights that bite at your toes. This has affected not only those who live and work on the farm, but also all of you. You are the witnesses to the shrinking harvest list and the looming … continue reading →

Fully Autumnal

It’s no accident that the last 3 posts by the other apprentices have all been about the fall or the season ending. I think we’ve had this collective feeling like we’d just go on as we are for the foreseeable future. But as has been remarked, it turns out 6 … continue reading →

Autumn Musing

It feels strange to reach back into the deep bag of memory and realize how long you’ve been in a place, doing your daily rounds. It feels strange, when it also seems to have vanished, so quickly. On a cold evening such as this one, when autumn has finally come … continue reading →

Late September

Hello all!

So far, September has been a beautiful month here on the farm. Our harvest has shifted a bit as the seasons change and summer makes way for fall. Certain crops are no longer bearing fruit, new crops are ready that weren’t before, and we are still waiting on … continue reading →

Turning the Wheel

With all this rain and mud clubs for feet, my mind has been traveling back in time to our first couple of weeks here at Horton Road. The fields were practically flooded and the paths were tall with grass. Our kitchen was the only place with some amount of warmth … continue reading →