CSA Week #20

Well, it’s that time already.  We’ve made it to the last box of the season.  Our members have shared in 20 weeks of delicious produce and we thank you so much for supporting Horton Road Organics.

Next week, we will be delivering pre-ordered storage crops to the drop spots.  Feel … continue reading →

Visual Reflections

As the season nears an end, I thought I would share some moments from the farm from throughout this spring and summer. It has been a beautiful place to witness the seasons change, and see the farm change with them. I had a fun time going through all of my … continue reading →

CSA Week #19

We are nearing the end. . . only 1 more box to go after this week. If you are interested in storage crops, but haven’t placed your order yet, there is still time!

Also, please continue to use your CSA discount at all of our remaining farmers markets. Thursday Market … continue reading →

Meet Rey

By Reiden Gustafson

Fall is in the air and in less than a month I’ll be returning home to Portland. With the season slowly coming to an end, I’ve begun thinking about which aspects of the farm I’ll miss most. For example, I’ve come to love taking outdoor naps at … continue reading →

CSA Week #18


What’s in Box #18?

Little Gem Lettuce: These tasty heirloom greens are favored by chefs and foodies.  Cut each head in half for a wedge salad or use the leaves on sandwiches, burgers, etc.

Gypsy Peppers:  We still have lots of these sweet peppers. You can eat them … continue reading →