Turning the Wheel

With all this rain and mud clubs for feet, my mind has been traveling back in time to our first couple of weeks here at Horton Road. The fields were practically flooded and the paths were tall with grass. Our kitchen was the only place with some amount of warmth … continue reading →

How far we’ve come

One of the major motivators that took me from the studios and theaters of New York to a farm in Oregon is the urge to take part in something that was on the positive side of environmental impact.

This is what led me to do the plastic free July challenge. … continue reading →

Sow Some Rain, Might Get Lightning

This morning, when I woke, the world was utterly still.

Most mornings, now, I wake in the dark. A little earlier than need be, for the sake of some time to drink tea and get the limbs warm before we start our early days. And most mornings, by any standard … continue reading →

Late August

Oh how the time is moving. So quickly. So slowly. Somehow simultaneously. We are in the depths of the season, with many crops ready to harvest,and  more weeds to pull than ever. Persistemce. The days are growing shorter, and fall is beginning to show her presence in the most subtle … continue reading →

How It’s Made

Greetings everyone, Erika here! The majority of you receive a CSA box from us and I believe it’s important to bridge the uncover the mystery of who or how these boxes are created.

Without a harvest, there would be nothing in your boxes. Here we are in our beloved barn … continue reading →