New Part-Time Internship!

This season, in addition to the full-season apprenticeship that we’ve offered for 25 years, Horton Road will also be offering a 16-week part-time summer internship in sustainable agriculture.  Interns will work two days per week, attend weekly classes and receive a stipend and veggies.  This is a perfect opportunity for … continue reading →

Happy New Year! Winter Farm Update

It is winter on the farm!  The new year came in on the heels of a large snowfall for this area.  At least 12 inches of the white stuff blanketed the farm, creating a beautiful landscape.  Greenhouses had to be cleared off so that they wouldn’t collapse under the weight … continue reading →

Spring Farm Update

Hello friends,

Our 2021 farm season is underway! This spring has felt different so far as we have been experiencing much drier conditions than what we are used to at this time of year.  Continued dry conditions may present more obstacles when we enter the hottest and driest parts of … continue reading →

Winter Farm Update

Hello friends!  All of us at Horton Road hope you are well during this holiday season.

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and the start of lengthening daylight which will lead us into the 2021 farming season.  As many of you know, the farm shuts … continue reading →

Reflections on Wildfires and Agriculture

I’ll begin this entry with the earnest hope that all who read this are healthy and in a safe situation and that any of your friends or loved ones affected by the wildfires have been able to reach safety. Additionally, I hope that you’ve found the recent rain to be … continue reading →