Plant vs Food

Today the opening question to our work meeting was, “When does a plant become food?” Is it food once its harvested? Is it food once its been processed through the pack out? When does the direction and intention of the plant’s life become nourishment for other living creatures?

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Plastic free July


I’m not a huge environmentalist. Not one of those preachy, save the environment is my primary goal type people. It’s not that i don’t care about the environment, but my main thing i care about is people. This is the narrative i told myself for many years.

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It’s All About “How.”

When it began to dawn on me just how important it is the way our food is grown, how it is nourished and cared for, I was deep in the backcountry of central Utah learning how to transform a sheep into food. I began to understand then, the nonnegotiable baseline, … continue reading →

Late June

Hey there! This week on the farm was dynamic, colorful, chilly, and full of dedicated work with the earth. We spend most mornings harvesting. On the solstice we plated flowers and prepared for saturday market. There have been so many hummingbirds, butterflies and field daisies to capture my attention throughout … continue reading →

Harvest’s Harmony

The sunrise kisses my face and the coastal clouds move heavily between the hills,

Crunching of gravel beneath my feet comes in tune with the song birds melody,

Trees tower with looming silence and the morning harvest sits on the horizon.

File to blade, knife clean and mind quiet.

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