General Requirements

Most of our applicants are seriously considering farming or gardening as a career. Apprentices do well here if they are open to what there is to learn and not necessarily attached to a specific agricultural philosophy or technique. Prior field experience can be very helpful but not as important as a willingness to meet the demands of the farm each day.
It is essential that you:

  • Are able to commit to the entire season mid April through October and have a good work ethic
  • Are physically able to do field work, which involves a combination of stamina, strength and flexibility
  • Are able to work well with others in a team, have good communications skills, and are prepared contribute time and energy to the well being of community life

Please review our Apprentice Contract so you understand expectations if offered a position and unusual circumstances that may lead to terminating our arrangement before the end of the season.


Several of the particulars covered below change year to year. Exact information for the upcoming season will be covered in the interview process.

Apprentices receive:

  • Room and Partial Board
  • Food from the field and supplemental bulk items
  • Monthly Stipend at the end of each month (minus federal & state taxes deductions, prorated in April, current stipend amount listed to the right)
  • Worker’s Comp insurance
  • Sick Days as needed
  • Extra Pay for Saturday Market Shifts (apprentices are obligated to sign up for minimum amounts of shifts per month)
  • Vacation Time Off (three days can be used during particular times throughout the season)