Apprenticeship Program

AP BarnApprenticeships immerse you in a field of study where you learn by doing. On a working farm you directly experience how to skillfully and creatively respond to conditions amidst constraints of labor, time and resources. Apprenticeships also allow for the individual learning process to unfold at its own pace within a yearly cohort relationship that creates a completely unique experience each season. Our program is particularly well suited to help those refining newfound skills working with nature and exploring farming as a career.

At Horton Road, our apprentice program is predominantly hands on. Students spend much of their time planting, weeding, harvesting and preparing vegetables. They also dig and fertilize raised beds, go to farmers markets, do deliveries, keep records, choose projects to pursue, and write for the CSA newsletter. Throughout the season, students are expected to gain mastery over different tasks and develop an understanding of the working farm that comes with working closely with past graduates and being an important part of a seasonal crew. This arrangement provides lots of opportunity for ongoing learning that requires active participation on the apprentices part. Unlike conventional classroom learning, apprenticing integrate body and mind by strengthening the body, developing endurance and flexibility, and the cultivating the mind through direct observation and building intuition through experience.

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Our goal each year is to foster a diversified, productive, ecologically sensitive and personally enriching learning environment. We have made considerable effort in our program to create focused, energetic and limited work periods to accomplish our days tasks so that apprentices know exactly what’s expected of them and can enjoy a fair amount of free time relative to many farm operations.